Electric Cars You Can Buy In India: Electrifying


What Are Electric Cars?

Electric cars make use of one or more motors that work on electricity. It derives its energy from rechargeable batteries. It, therefore, cuts down on fuel usage thereby making cars more energy efficient.

Electrifying: Electric Cars You Can Buy In India
Electrifying: Electric Cars You Can Buy In India

With the latest technologies and newest innovations, pollution levels in the environment keep rising regularly. However, we all must do our bit to help conserve nature. Electric cars provide one step in that direction and are a more eco-friendly way of traveling. This way, one can not only cut down on fuel expenses but also conserve energy even while setting out on long drives. Such a mechanism is essential to arrest a complete collapse of natural cycles.

While electric cars were first discovered in the latter half of the 1800s, they are trendy even now. As of 2018, an estimated 5.3 million electric vehicles are being used all around the world. Here we have a list of the electric cars in the Indian market as of now.

The Tata Tigor- One Among Electric Cars

This car starts for Rs. 9.99 l and has a battery pack of 16.2 kWh, which can run for around 142 km in a single charge. It takes approximately six hours to charge the batteries from zero to eighty. There is also a three-year warranty for 1.25 l kilometres that comes with the car. Unfortunately, this car is currently on sale only for fleet operators.

The Mahindra eVerito

Mahindra is always a reliable brand, and this also applies to its electric cars. This one is priced somewhere in the range of 9.5 to 11 l. The car works on a 13.91 kWh lithium-ion battery. The vehicle has a variety of about 110 km, and this goes up with an increase in price due to a better battery. Charging this car’s batteries would typically take around eight and a half hours. However, in case you buy the fast charger, then your battery will be up and running in about an hour and a half.

The Mahindra e2o Plus

Among electric cars, this one is more towards the lower end of the price spectrum. It is somewhere between 5.5 to 8.5 l. This electric car comes right after the Reva-i and is a revamped version of the same. It has an 11 kWh lithium-ion battery and boasts a range of 110 km in a single charge. There is an additional feature called ‘Revive’ where the car will run for five more kilometres in case the batteries run out of charge. This is also available in the Mahindra eVerito. The battery for this car takes approximately six hours to charge and will charge within an hour in case of a fast charger.

Electrifying: Electric Cars You Can Buy In India
Electrifying: Electric Cars You Can Buy In India

As of now, these vehicles are readily available in the Indian market. However, international brands like Nissan, MG and KIA are all gearing up to launch their cars and/or hybrids in the Indian market very soon. These cars to should be used at the earliest to protect the world from degradation.