Electric Cars: Know Everything About Them

Electric Cars: Know Everything About Them

Electric cars are going to be the future of transportation. At the rate we are consuming the fuel now will result in very less to no fuel pretty soon and the only way to survive that is with the help of electric vehicles. From Tesla to Jaguar, there are so many car brands that are manufacturing these electric cars into the market. Even the government of various countries are encouraging their people to invest in these electric vehicles only. They are also providing some incentives and financial assistance when people are buying these electric vehicles.

Working Of The Electric Cars

The electric vehicles work in the same way as the usual cars work, the ones that run with petrol, hydrogen gas or diesel. The one thing that varies is that electric vehicles don’t need any of these fossil fuels. They have an electric board in them which should be charged. The charging should be done with an electric supply and this charge will be saved in the battery which helps in traveling around the car.

Once the car is fully charged, the electric vehicles can run for 400 kilometers maximum. The companies are trying to increase this mileage by putting in some latest technologies and as of now, there is no clue of how it will turn.

There won’t be any engine sound in the electric vehicles and the cars also pick up pretty soon as you start them. The initial acceleration of these cars is something that you have to know about. The electric batteries in these cars weight more than two tons. They are fitted to the floor of the car where they get a great space to breath and provide amazing service.

Electric Cars: Know Everything About Them
Electric Cars: Know Everything About Them

How It Feels To Drive An Electric Vehicle?

The experience of driving an electric vehicle is pretty similar to that of driving the normal vehicle. One of the few things that you will be missing is the car engine sound and apart from that everything is fine.

Another important difference that one will observe while driving the EV on a daily basis is that the car provides a regenerative braking system.  This means whenever you apply a brake on the car, an amount of kinetic energy is released. Usually, all the other cars let this kinetic energy released into the air but the electric car will save that energy in the form of electric energy in the battery. It means every time you put your feet on the brake, the battery of the car will be recharged a bit.

The batteries of these cars warm up pretty quickly and they start working as soon as you start them.

Electric Cars: Know Everything About Them
Electric Cars: Know Everything About Them

Types Of Electric Cars

There are various types of electric vehicles available in the market.

  • Hybrid cars, which are also called as conventional hybrid are the first form of cars. These cars have two engines- gas engine and electric one. They have this electric motor-powered battery which will help while going slowly on the roads.
  • The plugin hybrids have both electric and gas options in them. The car can be plugged in and charged. They run for sometime until the entire battery is drained.
  • Electric Cars completely run on the electricity and they don’t have a gas engine.
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