Car Scratch Repair Pens: Do They Work? -

Car Scratch Repair Pens: Do They Work?

Car Scratch Repair Pens: Do They Work?

Have you always wondered about how to repair the scratches on your car without affecting the other parts of the body? Then car scratch repair pens might help you, but many people wonder about the real effectiveness. After all, it is not difficult to find ads about this “miraculous” product that repairs the imperfections of the car body with such ease. The product has a revolutionary selling, and this risk-taking pen is a strategy that relies on the flawed argument that with few applications, the scratch will disappear quickly and permanently. However, the pen serves more like a cover, even in cases where the damage is more superficial and not so deep.

Car Scratch Repair Pens: Do They Work?
Car Scratch Repair Pens: Do They Work?

So the claim that the risk-taking pen works is just a partially correct marketing ploy. Its application is efficient but temporary. In some cases, depending on the brand or the form of application used, mainly if it is carried out on the hood of the car, the result can be frustrating. It may even aggravate the vehicle’s original paintwork. That is, the risk-taking pen works, but not in a conventional way. The use of the stylus can be more accurate in problems with the fenders, bumpers, and the underside of the vehicle doors. In other places, the effect of the product is only temporary.

Car Scratch Repair Pens Features

The product car scratch repair pens are non-toxic, permanent, odourless, and water-resistant. The pen can be used in any car, or in any colour — an excellent project to clean scratch coat repair. Car scratch repair pens are the fastest way to safely removes scratches from your car, which helps in finishing the task quickly and easily. You need to wipe the body with a cloth and find the position of the scratched authority, and the scratches can disappear with the tip of the pen.

The size of the Blue Variant Car Scratch Repair Magic Pen is about 12cm x 2cm x 2cm, which is easy to carry and also to use. If we talk about the weight of a product, then it is almost 22g. The product Blue Variant Car Scratch Repair Magic Pen has material paints,  and solvents. Moreover, the Capacity of the product is 12 ml.

Car Liquid For Anti-Scratch Polish

It is the 100% brand new and high-quality liquid anti-scratch car polish. The product protects your car from ageing, lousy weather, and erosion, sunlight, bitter dust, etc. It also protects your vehicle from scratches, makes the car brighter like the new one. The soft sponge will not scratch your car, and you can be sure to use it as it has excellent scratch resistance and high abrasion resistance. The material of the product is Polysiloxane and other Nanomaterials. If we talk about the coating thickness, then it is about  30um. The product also has a high heat resistance along with lower consumption of the liquid for at a time.

Thus, these products make sure that your car remains new forever. It would also lower the burden of cleaning the vehicle frequently.

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