Car Air Compressor LCD Display -

Car Air Compressor LCD Display

Car Air Compressor LCD Display

A car air compressor is a necessary accessory for the car tires. However, this is also necessary for football or rugby. Here we are talking about a car air compressor which is thin and portable. Moreover, this air compressor has an LCD. Here is the necessary information about this equipment for your help.

Car Air Compressor LCD Display

This air compressor comes with an LCD screen. You need to connect the hose to the core valve located at the bottom of the tire. After that, press it down on the buckle – this prevents the air leakage.

Press on the “unit” button to turn on the LCD of the compressor. There are increase and decrease buttons that help to control the tire pressure. To start inflating press on the power button of the car compressor. Once you reach the present pressure of the tire, the compressor will automatically stop.

Product Description of Car Air Compressor:

This air compressor is portable, slick, and lightweight. You can easily carry this wherever and whenever you want to. This equipment is suitable for both SUV and RV tires, as well as with tires of motorcycles and bicycle tires. Moreover, this can be used for inflatable toys like football, basketball, or rugby.

This car compressor is digital and has an LCS screen. One can read the pressure displayed on the screen. The battery capacity of this gadget is 2000mAh, and its inflation efficiency is 15L per minute.

It will weigh around 360 gram. The size of the compressor is 5.5 by 4.5 by 7.8 inches. The inflation pressure of this car air compressor is 150 PSI. Moreover, it can work continuously for eight minutes.

The package contains an air compressure, USB charging cable, an air hose, a Presta valve. Moreover, this package includes a ball needle, a toy nozzle, a storage bag, as well as a user manual with the detailed guideline. Most interestingly, this gadget can be both wired or wireless.

The price of this car air compressor ranges from $62.27 to $70.93. One can get this worldwide without any shipping charges. This product is free of any shipping charges. Moreover, this car air compressor will be shipped within 24 hours after placing the order.

Why You Should Buy This

This car air compressor has a stylish LCS screen. The matte finishing of this item makes it look more elegant and classy. Moreover, this device is stain resistance and more comfortable to clean.

A 2000mAh battery helps to power the car air compressor. The buyer gets a complete package when he or she buys this product. Moreover, this has a storage bag, that helps to store the gadget and its accessories when not in use.


If you are looking for a compressor that will display the tire pressure, then this product is the right choice for you. Interestingly, this is lightweight and portable. In addition to this, the car compressor is very stylish.

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