Astounding Features Of Ford Fusion Hybrid


While more companies are offering hybrid cars today, few are able to earn a valuable piece in the growing market. Among this, the Ford Fusion Hybrid has become a popular name. So, if you are wondering whether it is appropriate for you or not, here you go. Some of the best aspects of this vehicle are explained to understand how it works.

What Is A Hybrid Vehicle?

It’s a vehicle combining more than one source of energy. Usually, this includes a combination of an internal combustion engine and one battery or electric motor to power the vehicle. Due to the dual power source, these require to be charged after short intervals. Hence, these provide better interface than electric cars. The gas mileage offered by these cars is usually higher than ordinary cars.

SmartGauge With EcoGuide

This car offers unbelievable fuel efficiency. The SmartGauge provides suggestions to the users about the same. While the users are driving, this feature explains how they are driving and how they should utilize fuel efficiency more. Once the users follow the suggestions regularly, they develop certain knowledge about fuel-efficient driving. Yet, one may not choose this feature if he/she is uncomfortable with it.

Best Features Of Ford Fusion Hybrid
Best Features Of Ford Fusion Hybrid

Intelligent Navigation System

Of course, the navigation shows the users nearest places. The optional navigation system of this vehicle is way different from the other cars. It shows the Energy Flow Display, which helps the users to track the overall performance of the car. Moreover, the electric motor, engine and battery charging systems can be monitored through the regenerative braking system of this vehicle.

Higher Mileage

Green driving can only be understood when someone rides a Ford Fusion. This one provides up to 41 miles per gallon fuel when driving in the city and 36 miles per gallon fuel when driving on the highway. With one tank of gas, this vehicle ensures rides of up to 700 city miles. Hence, this car gives you every reason to switch to an eco-friendly lifestyle. After all, green driving is all about the betterment of our lives on a grand scale. You can find more information related to the car’s performance and price online.

Better Driving Experience

The unique feature regenerative braking system in this car stores energy while braking. Then, it uses the stored energy to recharge the battery. The Ford Fusion provides a faster driving experience than the other hybrids as it offers up to 47 miles per hour under electric power. The driving experience is also very pleasing as the transfer from electric to the gas engine is very smooth. Yet, some of the users don’t find the engine off and on a problem.

Best Features Of Ford Fusion Hybrid
Best Features Of Ford Fusion Hybrid

Recycled Materials In Interior

Yes, this one leaves no chances of being a superior green vehicle. Most of the interiors of this car are made out of recycled materials. The upholstery and foams are totally recycled and this enhances the eco-friendliness of this car. The interior provides comfort and luxury to the users, providing them an altogether premium experience.